A surprising land painted in all shades of gold and red

Welcome to the Island of fire and iron.

Welcome to Rio Marina, where the living rock sparkles in the sun and unleashes all its strength.

Welcome to our Mining Park, a blood red and ochre yellow wound that stretches and plunges into a turquoise sea and that slowly heals where nature is stronger than the human activity.

It will leave you breathless.




di Storia

A geological, mineralogical and mining heritage of inestimable value.

A tale that stretches back thousands of years, a story of journeys, men and hard work.

The Park is host to some of the most spectacular minerals on Earth and a broad biodiversity.



nel Parco

A stunning landscape, a garden full of minerals, within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

A park to explore on foot, by bike, on board a sightseeing train or a military vehicle.

An exciting experience in a surreal landscape, retracing the old railroad and the stories of the men who lived, loved and transformed it through the centuries.

Parco Minerario

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